A self-help group for women with ovarian cancer has existed in Bavaria since February 2017. We aim to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences and information.

Even when you have been informed by doctors about all current treatment options this often isn't enough to be able to understand the many facets of the disease and to face them courageously, to adapt to new changes and regain your footing in daily life.

Irrespective of which stage of the disease you are currently in - whether you've recently had an operation, are in the middle of chemotherapy or have completed your course, or whether you've relapsed or if metastases have been found - our self-help group is here to support all ovarian cancer patients! 

In our group you can ask your questions and speak about your problems in a personal and safe atmosphere. The more women that take part, the larger our shared experience becomes and we can all benefit from this. Often what is important is simply to find a sense of community and solidarity with others who are affected, and to start enjoying life once again. Having this disease does not mean that happiness and quality of life are no longer attainable. Exactly the opposite is the case - it can present itself as a chance for new insights and encounters.

We intend to organise meetings in which experts for medical as well as other topics related to the disease take part.

The self-help group is for women affected by ovarian cancer and is run by women also affected by this disease. There is no charge for getting involved with the group and never any commitment. It is open to anyone who is interested in taking part, irrespective of where treatment has been received.

We meet on the last Friday in the month from 16.30 to c. 18.30 at

Klinikum Großhadern München
Marchioninistr. 15
Ebene 1, Würfel IK
Konferenzraum 5

On your first visit to the group please come along at 16.00 so that we can clarify any potential questions before the meeting begins.

Important: To be on the safe side please take a look at the website prior to every meeting Opens external link in new windowwww.ovarsh.de (only available in German).

You can also ask questions by emailing Viktoria Ebert at Opens window for sending emailv.ebert(at)ovarsh.de.

You can reach us on our freephone number (within Germany) on 0800/5892563.

We hope to see you at one of our meetings!


You can find further self-help groups via the website of the Opens external link in new windowPsychosocial care services available in the catchment area of the TZM and Opens external link in new windowBayerische Kebsgesellschaft e.V.