Munich Tumour Centre supports projects focussing on involvement in positive and healthy activities such as sport.

Sailingrebels. Your life. Your adventure.

Young adults who are suddenly diagnosed with cancer simply want to be normal again, live life to the full and prove that they are back again in full form. Sailingrebels is a charitable organisation offering young adults with cancer the chance to join offshore sailing trips. Find out more about the Sailingrebels at: Opens external link in new windowwww.segelrebellen.de

Bike tour from Eichstätt to Australia

The Munich Tumour Centre (TZM) is proud to be able to support the special dream of Sebastian Hiller (from Eichstätt) to cycle around the world. The young sportsman is a role model for us of courage, willpower and determination. True to the motto "exercise is health"! Find out more about his project on his website: Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fensterwww.bastiontour.com/blog/

Meetings, congresses and events

To make sure that you are always well informed we will present all meetings, congresses and events on the topic of "exercise and cancer" on this page.