Michelin-star chef Hans Haas cooks with cancer patients

Munich, 17 June 2013 - at the second "Cancer and Nutrition" Patients' Day in mid-May they won a cookery course with Michelin-star chef Hans Haas. It took place on 17 June. The head chef of Tantris demonstrated to ten participants just how successfully sumptuous pleasure and healthy food can be merged into one.    

A mixture of anticipation, expectation as well as a little bit of scepticism could be sensed at the start of the course. However this hint of scepticism completely disappeared after the warm and relaxed welcome from Hans Haas! Hans Haas, as always, was more than convincing in underlining our attempt to show that healthy nutrition can also taste delicious. All of the participants were very pleased about the easy tips they received about preserving the quality of the product and, of course, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the very tasty three-course meal.

The letters we received convey participant's experiences better than any further detailed description:

"Dear Professor Nüssler,
I would like to express my wholehearted thanks once again for the fact that you and the Tumorzentrum München, as a result of your dedication, enabled me to participate in yesterday's cookery course for cancer patients with Hans Haas.
In a truly relaxed ambience, together with other people affected by cancer and the benefit of important additional information provided by you, this was an incredible opportunity for us to learn about healthy nutrition and enjoy expert support in learning the best way to prepare the food. It was not only an enjoyable experience but also broadened my "cooking horizons" thanks to some important albeit often extremely simple tips.
I also thought it was really great that you also invested your time afterwards to answer any queries we still had.
The question on what one can do when one is in the "worst phase" of chemotherapy - when your appetite has completely disappeared but somehow weight must be maintained - must have been a really important topic for lots of other sufferers too.
I also found it really nice that Mr and Mrs Hass were so relaxed and extremely approachable and, contrary to all of our expectations I believe, not at all arrogant on account of having "Michelin star status". Simply fantastic!"

Dear Professor Nüssler,
I was so lucky to have been chosen for a place on this course. This day has left me with many good impressions, not only due to the nice company in which we cooked but also due to the really pleasant, warm manner of Mr Haas. He demonstrated and explained advanced culinary skills and also gave lots of advice about how to do this kind of cooking at home. So we found out that, with a little bit of planning and effort, we could also prepare these dishes for ourselves. For me the advice about stocking up on fresh fruit, vegetables and meat from the region really stands out in my mind. The fact that so many articles have been written on the topic of food and cancer makes its easy to get confused but your tips on this day actually clarified everything again.
It was a fantastic day which placed the illness in the background for a few hours as we learnt to enjoy cooking again.
I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you once more to Mr Haas!"

Dear Professor Nüssler,
I've told numerous friends about the fantastic cookery course and many of them said they would love to participate in such a course, even for a fee. Perhaps this is something to think about?
It was the most amazing birthday present for many, many years.
Please pass on my complete heartfelt thanks to the expert chef Mr Haas!"

The TZM also says a special thank you to Hans Haas and his team!

Presentations on nutrition from the Patients' Day

Munich, 14 May 2013 - The three presentations on nutrition from the Patients' Day - a joint event organised by TZM and Bayerische Krebsgesellschaft - are now available to download:

Vegetarian Diet for Cancer Patients
In this presentation Professor Dr. med. Hans Hauner explains the influence of diet on cancer and formation of cancer. These days it's clear that a vegetarian diet isn't synonymous with malnutrition. The exact opposite is true. This information is also important for cancer patients. Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einPresentation as pdf.

What to Do Against Weight Loss?
Many cancer patients unintentionally lose weight over the course of their illness. Dr. Marc Martignoni, surgeon at Klinikum rechts der Isar, warned that such weight loss should be taken seriously. In addition, he emphasised that body weight alone is not a trustworthy measure for the nutritional status of cancer patients. Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einPresentation as pdf.

Artificial Nourishment for Cancer Patients
Ultimately PD Dr. med. Peter Rittler of the Chirurgische Klinik des Klinikums der Universität München made a case for prescribing artificial nutrition at an early stage. He presented various instruments for assessment of weight progression of patients and again pointed out that anyone who unintentionally loses more than 5 percent of their former weight within four weeks should consult their doctor. Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einPresentation as pdf.

Highlights from Patients' Day 2013 - Invitation for 2014

Well over 200 visitors received information at the Patients' Day.
Well over 200 visitors received information at the Patients' Day.