People seeking advice

In the first place, cancer patients themselves contact with the counselling services. Nevertheless relatives and caregivers, as well as institutions, also seek advice. The majority of cancer patients live in Munich and in the catchment area of the TZM.


Approximately 60% of all counselling contacts take place via telephone, whilst personal discussions lasting an average of 60 minutes constitute about one third. A relatively small proportion of persons make contact by email.



Consultancy themes

The psychological strain associated with cancer, as well as questions relating to the disease and how to cope with it, remain the principal themes of our consultancy sessions.

Over the course of recent years there has been a significant increase in questions asked within the scope of our Cancer Counselling Services relating to complex palliative treatment situations as well as welfare concerns.

Increasingly patients and relatives express the wish for a second doctor's opinion, in order to clarify open questions in a personal conversation, to discuss different therapy options and assure themselves about the next treatment stages.


Counselling Services available at Munich Tumour Centre

The Cancer Counselling Services at Munich Tumour Centre in cooperation with the Bayerische Krebsgesellschaft e.V. were established in November 2010.


Individual counselling concerning matters relating to nutrition for cancer patients, particularly in the case of side effects and consequences of tumour therapies, disorders and malnutrition is available at the

Nutrition and Cancer Consultation Service of the Tumour Centre Munich
Phone 0049 (0)89 / 44 00 -533 44
Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fensterwww.tumorzentrum-muenchen.de/nutrition


Do you have cancer and are you interested in independent advice on cancer treatment approaches from the fields of naturopathy and complementary medicine? In a personal conversation, on the phone, or via email we will answer your questions and provide you with practical suggestions on naturopathic treatment approaches.

Consultation service on complementary medicine and naturopathy at the Munich Tumour Centre
in cooperation with the Bayerische Krebsgesellschaft e.V.

Phone 0049 (0)89 / 44 00 - 574 17
Opens external link in new windowwww.tumorzentrum-muenchen.de/komplementary_medicine

Fatigue Clinic

For cancer patients suffering from complete physical, emotional and / or psychological exhaustion, it is possible to attend the Fatigue Clinic on the premises of the Bayerische Krebsgesellschaft e.V. As an employee of Munich Tumour Centre, Dr. Riedner offers consultancy sessions in the Fatigue Clinic. Furthermore, Dr. Riedner is Vice Chairperson of the Tumour Fatigue Work Group.

To make an appointment or find out more details, please contact:

Psychosoziale Krebsberatungsstelle München der Bayerischen Krebsgesellschaft e.V.
Tel. 0049 (0)89 / 54 88 40 -21, -22, -23

Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.bayerische-krebsgesellschaft.de