Welcome to the patient side of Tumor Centre Munich (TZM)


The Tumour Centre provides cancer patients and their caregivers, family and friends, as well as interested persons and practitioners, the opportunity to take advantage of coordinated counselling services, free of charge. We work in cooperation with the Bayerische Krebsgesellschaft e.V. to offer these services and are also connected with the Comprehensive Cancer Center München. 

The Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterCancer Counselling Services at Munich Tumour Centre offers you swift, needs-orientated psycho-social advice and psycho-oncological support. In particular, you can find out about relevant social security provisions.

Good nutritional status is an elementary component of any cancer therapy. Especially in the case of this serious disease, it is important to adjust nutrition to your particular needs in order to support your therapy as far as possible. Many cancer patients are also unsure as to what they are still able to eat.

The Nutrition and Cancer Consultation Service provides you with support in this area and offers guidance on the latest scientific research findings.

At the Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterComplementary Medicine and Naturopathy Consultation Service we provide you with information on sensible naturopathic adjunctive therapy. The main concerns in this connection are the alleviation of symptoms of the disease and side effects of therapy, as well as the reduction of the risk of relapse. For naturopathic treatment needs we refer to external, qualified practitioners and facilities.

Physical activity and sport is also a core topic for many cancer patients. In this area we work closely with the Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterZentrum für Prävention und Sportmedizin (Centre for Prevention and Sports Medicine) at Klinikum rechts der Isar.

We hope to be able to support you on your road to recovery, and maintaining good health.

New book: "Stark gegen Krebs" (Strong against cancer)

This book is written for cancer patients but equally for anyone with an interest in this topic. It is intended to motivate and encourage people to optimise their individual lifestyles. The core topic of nutrition is explored on the basis of the latest scientific research. Two main themes have been focused on by the author: firstly, motivating people to start cooking again - a crucial foundation of healthy nutrition - and secondly, promoting awareness of dealing with food responsibly. This second theme particularly addresses ethical questions i.e. animal welfare and organic cultivation of fruit, vegetables and grains. The aim is for cooking to be pleasurable - enjoyed in the company of family and friends and the desired spin-off of this is to promote healthier lifestyle habits and an improved understanding of where our food comes from. The large range of simple to more complex recipes from dedicated Michelin-star chefs makes this possible! The book also provides valuable, customisable expert tips for every day use on exercise and relaxation.

Book details: Prof. Dr. Volkmar Nüssler "Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterStark gegen Krebs - wie Sie mit der richtigen Ernährung vorbeugen, die Heilung unterstützen und neue Kraft schöpfen" (Strong against cancer - how correct nutrition can prevent cancer, support recovery and help you regain strength)", Christian-Verlag, €20.00 (only available in German)

Book presentation on the 'Abendschau' of BR: Reducing your risk of cancer by eating the right food

On Thursday 28 September.2017, Professor Nüssler was invited by BR television (Bavarian broadcasting service) to present TZM's new book "Stark gegen Krebs" live on the 'Abendschau'. And this is what the show's presenter concluded: Ultimately, "strong against cancer" means being "strong on health". This book therefore provides theoretical and practical advice on how to make the body stronger in the fight against this disease.

'ARD Mittagsmagazin': Junk food: young people have poor eating habits - cancer rates are increasing

Some time ago this TV channel made a visit to the Munich Tumour Centre and interviewed Professor Nüssler and Professor Schoenberg on "healthy lifestyles and cancer prevention". Now the feature on 'ARD Mittagsmagazin' (German TV programme) has been broadcast. The programme's message: unhealthy eating habits are particularly common amongst young people - on a daily basis they eat junk food, currywurst, and ready-made pizzas, which are fatty, salty, full of sugar and produced on an industrial scale. This type of diet is contributing to the onset of diseases later in life, especially cancer. Evidence of this is being found in an increasing number of international studies.



Top gastronomy at home: HealthFood recipe app

You can also find fantastic recipe ideas from our star chefs – including many practical tips and clear photos and videos - in our "HealthFood" recipe app.