Tumours of the Lungs and Mediastinum


Recommendations for diagnostics, therapy and aftercare

12th edition 2020
Published by
Tumorzentrum München
466 pages, 45.00 Euro
ISBN: 978-3-86371-330-0

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Volume Editor:
This manual has been compiled by the "Tumours of the lungs and mediastinum" project group of the Munich Tumour Centre at the medical faculties of the LMU and TU. Edited by Professor Dr. Rudolf Maria Huber.


Thoracic tumours - many new developments
For a long time there was relatively little alteration to be detected in management of thoracic tumours. This has now changed significantly, however. There is new staging, an interdisciplinary and international recommendation by IASLC, ATS and ERS on the classification of adenocarcinomas and on histological classification of non-operative and therefore mostly small specimens.

Recommendations and guidelines
There are European recommendations on fitness for an operation intended to be curative or radiochemotheraphy and on management of mesothelioma and there are German S3 guidelines on the management of lung carcinoma. Furthermore, increasing biological knowledge has led to the wide establishment of EGFR inhibition and development of secondary inhibitors as well as inhibitors of other targets such as EML4-ALK fusion protein or mesenchymal-epithelial transition factor.

Multimodal therapy - treatment in line with staging
These chapters have been revised through an interdisciplinary approach so that doctors from various disciplines have the opportunity to treat their patients according to the latest standards and guidelines. The chapters on multimodal therapy of lung carcinomas and the therapy plan in particular should make treatment of lung carcinomas which is in line with staging easier.

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