The Executive Board of the TZM revised the "Rules of Procedure for Project Groups" and adopted them on 22 November 1999. If you have any queries, please contact Prof. Dr. V. Nüssler: email: Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden der E-MailTZMuenchen(at)med.uni-muenchen.de


1. Founding New Project Groups

The founding of a new project group must be applied for with the TZM board by representatives of cooperating hospitals and institutes.
The application must include a list of names of colleagues who are interested in the foundation (including institute address) and goals of the future project groups are also to be clearly outlined.
Following agreement by the Executive Board of the TZM, a vote is to be cast on the founding of the project group at the general meeting. If the vote is cast in favour, an initial constituent meeting is to be convened by the applicant. In this context, it is particularly important to ensure interdisciplinary cooperation within the project group.
Foundation of several project groups relating to the same subject area is not possible.
Invitations to the constituent meeting are to be issued in writing. The founding of a project group requires a minimum of 30 interested colleagues. The purpose of the initial constituent meeting is the election of a project group leader and his or her deputies. No more than four deputies are to be elected. The project group leader and his or her deputies must belong to different institutions. A secretary for the project group is to be nominated at the discretion of the elected project group leader.


Electoral Procedure 

Project group members have passive voting rights and are entitled to propose candidates. Project group leaders are elected on the basis of a majority of the votes cast by attendees, whereby no more than four members each per hospital or institute shall be entitled to vote. Voting rights are not be transferable. Prior to each election, the electoral procedure must be stipulated: open or secret (in written form). The period of office for project group leaders and deputies is three years. Re-election is possible.


2. Members of a Project Group

Membership in TZM project groups is open to interested members from medical institutions and independent physicians who are charged with exercising relevant medical functions. They must practise within relatively close proximity to the TZM, i.e. in the Munich area or the region of Upper Bavaria.
Membership in a project group must be applied for in writing to the project group leader. Attendees at the project group meeting vote on whether or not the application is to be approved. The election is to be carried out in public.
Membership in several project groups is possible without restriction.
Membership in a project group can be terminated by submission of a written note by the member in question.
Should a member have been absent from project group meetings for a minimum of one year without excuse, then the project group may decide on whether the membership is to be continued or not. A simple majority of attending members may decide on the termination of a membership (see electoral procedure under 1.).
Membership in a project group can be terminated if a member distances himself or herself in public from the objectives of the TZM. An ordinary majority of members can decide on the termination of a membership (electoral procedure see under 1.).


3. Definition and Tasks of Project Groups

The project group is an association of interested physicians and scientists working in the areas of epidemiology, prevention, early diagnosis, diagnostics, therapy, or aftercare of tumour diseases. This interdisciplinary cooperation of specialists is intended to provide optimal patient care.

Professional development within the project group by means of scientific clinical lectures.
Organisation of advanced training sessions outside project group work.
Presentation of case reports.
Formulation of recommendations which constitute a standard for certain tumour diseases with regards to diagnostics, therapy and aftercare (TZM Blue Manuals).

TZM Blue Manuals shall be generated in accordance with the standard operation procedures (SOPs). This is to ensure that no significant discrepancies with other authors’ guidelines will occur. Creating a manual in accordance with the SOPs is a prerequisite for receiving an ISBN-number. The project group is to issue a minimum of three invitations to project group sessions per year.
Guests may be permitted to attend project group sessions upon approval by the project group leader.
Project groups carry out and organise tasks independently. Upon request to the administrative office, limited support for defined procedures may be provided by this source.
Invitations and protocols of project group sessions must be reported, for information purposes, to the TZM administrative office.
In addition, member lists and new members must be submitted in writing to the TZM administrative office.
At the beginning of the year, project leaders are required to inform the TZM administrative office of the dates for project group sessions in the following year in writing, in order to avoid an overlap of dates for project group sessions.


4. Cancellation of a Project Group

Project groups which do not comply to the TZM requirements may be cancelled on order of the TZM board. The project group may be dissolved in compliance with a vote cast by at least half of the attending members. Voting shall be subject to electoral procedure as in 1.

Coming into force of the Rules of Procedure.
The Rules of Procedure will into force following approval by the TZM Board.
Approved by the Executive Board of the Tumorzentrum München (TZM) on 22 November 1999.

Prof. Dr. Volkmar Nüssler
Executive Coordinator TZM