Recommendations for diagnostics, therapy and aftercare

3th edition 2009
Published by
Tumorzentrum München
296 pages, 18.90 Euro
ISBN: 978-3-88603-964-7

This manual is available from
Zuckschwerdt Verlag.

Volume Editor:
This manual has been compiled by the "Psycho-oncology" project group of the Munich Tumour Centre at the medical faculties of the LMU and TU. Edited by P. Heußner, M. Besseler, H. Dietzfelbinger, M. Fegg, K. Lang, U. Mehl, D. Pouget-Schors, C. Riedner and A. Sellschopp.


Psycho-oncology - psycho-social oncology
Modern oncology can no longer be considered without the inclusion of psycho-oncology. As a branch of oncology, on a holistic basis, it concerns multi-professional teams, the patient, their family and others involved in the treatment. This manual from the Tumour Centre provides in-depth details on symptoms, diagnostics, interventions and care options.

Concrete advice for psycho-oncological care
This manual on psycho-oncology has been completely revised and supplemented, and is now available in its 3rd edition. Written by a multi-professional team of authors, it provides many suggestions for daily practices in psycho-oncological care. It includes the areas of cancer and the psyche, care structures in psycho-oncology, symptomatology in psycho-oncology, diagnostics in psycho-oncology as well as interventions and psycho-oncology in palliative care.

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