Multiple Myeloma


Recommendations for diagnostics, therapy and aftercare

5th edition 2017
Published by
Tumorzentrum München
308 pages, 35.00 Euro
ISBN: 978-3-86371-211-2

This manual is available from
Zuckschwerdt Verlag.

Volume Editor:
This manual has been compiled by the interdisciplinary "Multiple myeloma" project group of the Munich Tumour Centre at the medical faculties of the LMU and TU. Edited by Professor Dr. Christian Straka and Dr. Hermann Dietzfelbinger.


Rare tumour originating from the bone marrow
At present rapid development is taking place in the area of multiple myeloma not only in terms of the expansion of therapeutic options due to new substances but also concerning the refinement of diagnostics and further development of classification systems.

Manual for clinical practice
The "Multiple myeloma" manual is intended for doctors responsible for myeloma patients in clinical practice. Special attention is drawn to, for example, therapy optimisation regarding avoidance of undesirable side effects and toxicities.

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