Malignant Ovarian Tumours


Recommendations for diagnostics, therapy and aftercare

10th edition 2014
Published by
Tumorzentrum München
144 pages, 18.90 Euro
ISBN: 978-3-86371-111-5

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Zuckschwerdt Verlag.

Volume Editor:
This manual has been compiled by the "Malignant ovarian tumours" project group of the Munich Tumour Centre at the medical faculties of the LMU and TU. Edited by Prof. Dr. Barbara Schmalfeldt.


Ovarian carcinomas - diagnostics, therapy and aftercare
This manual on ovarian tumours has been completely revised. It is intended as a clinical guideline for all occupational groups involved in the care of patients with ovarian carcinomas. 

Practice-related recommendations based on new data
The individual chapters have been updated through an interdisciplinary approach on the basis of new data. For diagnostics as well as for therapy and aftercare clear, objective and practice-related recommendations are provided. Where available, these are also supported by evidence-based data. The latest data on new gene mutations in the case of hereditary ovarian carcinomas are contained in this manual, as well as new therapeutic approaches from the field of molecular biology which are currently being investigated in clinical studies.

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