Leukaemia and MDS


Recommendations for diagnostics, therapy and aftercare

4th edition 2015
Published by
Tumorzentrum München
252 pages, 30.00 Euro
ISBN: 978-3-88603-160-3

This manual is available from
Zuckschwerdt Verlag.

Volume Editor:
This manual has been compiled by the "Leukaemia and MDS" project group of the Munich Tumour Centre at the medical faculties of the LMU and TU. Edited by Professor Dr. K. Spiekermann.


Leukaemia - an overview of the important aspects
This new manual on leukaemia, myelodysplastic syndromes and myeloproliferative neoplasia provides an overview of the important aspects in diagnostics and treatment. It has been compiled on an interdisciplinary basis.

Neoplasia of the bone marrow, aplastic anaemia
In specific chapters prominence is given to the various neoplasia of the bone marrow as well as aplastic anaemia. Common to all of these diseases is the need for a differentiated haematological diagnosis which is very specialised these days and is therefore dealt with in a separate, introductory chapter.

Haematopoietic transplantation
The manual concludes with a chapter on haematopoietic transplantation which is increasingly establishing itself as a therapeutic modality for high risk patients and, moreover, outlines the procedure with the highest curative potential for many of these entities.

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