The TZM app for TZM members

Almost 3000 pages of content are retrievable at any time on iPad, iPhone or Android devices with the TZM app. TZM members have access to all manuals of the app free of charge. Non-members can download the free app but must pay for each manual as in-app purchases, whereas members can enter their login details via the login button and therefore have access to all 17 tumour manuals.


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Advantages of the app

The app is simple to use. It provides an overview of all manuals, quick navigation and content is easy to find. Wherever you are you can use the seventeen manuals whenever you have your tablet or smartphone to hand.


Each manual features short informative texts. Via the detailed contents page you can jump straight to particular chapters or sub-chapters. A full text search finds key words in the manuals within seconds. Notifications of new editions are received with app updates. This means it is guaranteed that your manuals are always up to date.

Download app

The initial download only takes a few minutes and is best carried out via WLAN as at approximately 60MB the app is very large for downloading via a mobile phone network. It is also possible to directly download the app via iTunes or the Google Play Store and then synchronise your device. An internet connection is only required for the initial download and to log in but not to be able to read or work with the manuals. The app is therefore available for use even when you have no internet connection.

If you have any questions, please contact the publisher, W. Zuckschwerdt Verlag, (info(at)zuckschwerdtverlag.de). If you have any questions regarding your login details, please contact the TZM directly (TZMuenchen(at)med.uni-muenchen.de)

Contents on the iPhone and iPad

Overview of manuals